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Rustproofing & Undercoating

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Using good rust protection can prevent thousands of dollars in costly repairs and stop the metal body from wearing out long before the engine and other parts are ready to call it quits.

The rate at which vehicles corrode is dependent upon:

  • Local climate and use of ice-melting chemicals (salt) upon the roads
  • Atmospheric pollution, such as acid rain or salt spray, which can cause paint damage
  • Quality, thickness, and composition of metal used, often an alloy of mild steel
  • Improper use of some dissimilar metals, which can accelerate the rusting of steel bodywork through electrolytic corrosion
  • Design of “rust traps” (nooks and crannies that collect road dirt and water)
  • Particular process of rustproofing used
  • Plastic/under-seal protection on the car underside
  • Exposure to salt water, which strips off the protective paint and also causes rust much quicker than ordinary rain water would

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